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This is a wonderfully handcrafted resume in MS Word as the go-to resume format for freshers. Whether you have an undergraduate degree or a masters degree like MBA or MCA, this template will surely help you stand out in the competition as this template shows you with real world important skills for entry level positions how to showcase your skills in an eye-catching manner. Go for it and you will not regret your choice as we are here to help you in case you need any support after purchasing this template.

A real world example of how a well thought-over and developed resume for HR professionals should look. This modern and easy-to-edit MS word resume template comes complete with placeholders for all critical sections expected to be on your resume. Use it and rest in peace knowing you have done your best with showcasing your resumes in the most effective manner.

A beautifully crafted resume template with simple text boxes to help you easily edit different sections of your BBA or MBA resume. Unlock your potential using this template and be confident that you have done your best in using a resume template that helps you showcase your skills elegantly.

A neat layout for technical professionals like DevOps Engineer will go a long way in helping them standout in the competition by highlight their critical technical skills. This template offers you just that. Let us know if you need any help with editing this resume template.

A modern yet professional resume for functions that expect traditionally crafted resumes and this template offers you just that. You will be satisfied knowing that you have done your best in showcasing your talents on your resume.

An eye-catching resume template ready to use for BCA and MCA graduates. Just update relevant sections with your degrees, skills and project, and this format will help you create a great resume in less than 5 minutes. Let us know if you need any help while editing this template.

A modern and easy to edit one page resume template for Network Engineering professionals as the template highlights technical skills that are most relevant to network engineering opportunities.

A clean template layout is sure to get the attention of the reviewer and this template assures you just that. Easy to edit and maintain. Add a second page easily and add additional sections as you need.

This is a simple and easy to edit, modern resume template for fresh graduates. Whether you have a BBA, BCA or BE degree, this template can help you show your internship, project and extracurricular activities in an easy to recognize manner.

This is a beautiful resume template for BCA freshers. Use this and you cannot be wrong with this template. You have two project examples that you can use as evidence for your capabilities. Change whatever sections you feel like and this resume is ready to go.

This is a simple but effective resume format, preferred by recruiters. Ideal if you have just one work experience to show. Just delete the work experience if you are a fresher.

Attention to detail, problem solving and analytical thinking are the top 3 skills critical to winning a data entry jobs. Although there are plenty of data entry jobs, the number of people applying to data entry jobs makes it very difficult to stand out in the applicant pool. Use this resume to show that you are simple, effective and focused while standing out from the crowd.

A professional and simple one page resume for marketing executive jobs with appropriate career objective statement.

You should always make sure to highlight whatever skills you may have. It could be just knowing how to run simple calculations in Excel or even just making some changes to the data and saving it as a new file. This is a great template to also highlight whatever small amount of work experience you may have. Worked for your uncle? No problem. Call that internship under work experience.

This is a simple resume template made with text boxes for those that want total flexibility on how they want to edit their resumes and for those who do not like to use tables.

Given the nature of the jobs Engineering graduates are generally considered to be a great fit for, the Engineering resumes need to be fairy straightforward in showing what technical skills the candidate possesses. This simple resume template achieves just that; so, if you are an Engineering graduate, go for this template and edit the appropriate sections.

A one pager resume format for fresh graduates seeking internship opportunities in the area of Data Science, Analytics, Reporting and Business Intelligence.

This is a classic resume template that those seeking data science intern positions can leverage. Feel free to download and copy the style or content as you feel necessary. We give away this template for free.

This modern resume template will help amplify your credentials and work experiences. This template uses simple tables and text boxes, so is very to edit and maintain.

A simple resume template with relevant skills and work experiences for Physics graduates looking for research assistant or laboratory manager positions.

This is a simple resume template developed with ease of editing and maintenance as priorities. This template uses only tables made of easy to edit rows and columns. Give it a try.

A modern resume template that captures all the essential technical skillsets in the form of an example, written for a DevOps profile. The education section is a text box, but the rest of the resume is made of table - rows and columns.

This template is a real template thanks to one of our users who wanted to share this with the community. Name and contact info have been changed for privacy reasons. Use this template if you have any experience as a product manager. If you are a fresher and like this template, go ahead and use it. Just change the professional experience to "Project Experience" and the company name Foodzo to your college project name, and you should be good. If you pay attention to the work experience section, we would have shown some great examples of how to quantify benefits on each of the responsibilities. Do not say "I led the development of a module in an app", but also include what results your leading has led to.

Technical skills have become very important for anyone looking to enter and do well in the sales and marketing functions these days, irrespective of the industry. Use this template as an inspiration to see what possible technical and soft skills you an add to your resume. Also take note of the quantifying of results achieved under work experiences.