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To obtain a challenging and rewarding entry-level position as a mechanical engineer, where I can apply my academic knowledge, practical skills, and passion for the field to contribute to the growth and success of the company. I am seeking an opportunity to work with a team of professionals, enhance my technical expertise, and gain hands-on experience through internships, to develop a strong foundation for a successful career in mechanical engineering.


BE Mechanical Engineering


Software: MS Office, AutoCAD, MatLAB, ANSYS, MS Project, SolidWorks Programming: C++, Java, JavaScript Languages: 1st level German


 Designed a wind turbine blade that generated 20% more energy than the original design, while reducing material usage by 15% and cost by 10%.
 Conducted FEA simulations to analyze the blade's structural integrity, fatigue life, and aerodynamic performance, reducing the need for physical testing and saving 10% in development costs.
 Completed the project within a team of four students, delivering the final report on time and within budget.


Hobbies: Building robotics applications using Arduino Uno Interests: Travel vlogs, Motorcycle design patterns and Machine Learning


Design of a Mechanical Crane project – 3rd Year Project
 Designed a mechanical crane to lift a weight to a pre-determined height.
 Validated design calculation accuracy and practicality with an actual crane developer; our deisng calculations were 92% accurate.

Additional Inputs

As a mechanical engineering fresh graduate, some relevant keywords that could be included in your resume are:

CAD (Computer-Aided Design), SolidWorks, AutoCAD, ANSYS, MATLAB, Mechanical design, Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Manufacturing processes, Material selection, Product development, Prototyping, Quality control, Technical drawings, Technical documentation, Project management, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Analytical skills, Communication skills.

It is important to tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying for, so make sure to read the job description and include keywords that match the requirements of the position.

Why this template works

This is a very simple template built out of tables. You can edit sections very easily. More than anything, simple resume formats work best for engineering student resumes because they are easy to read and help to highlight the most important information. Engineering is a technical field, and employers want to see your skills, qualifications, and experience clearly and quickly. A simple format can make it easier for employers to skim your resume and identify the key points they are looking for.

Additionally, a simple format can help ensure that your resume is compatible with applicant tracking systems (ATS), which are commonly used by employers to screen resumes. ATS systems are designed to scan resumes for specific keywords and qualifications, and simple formats can help ensure that your resume is readable by the system and that your qualifications are recognized.

Overall, a simple resume format can help to communicate your qualifications effectively and increase your chances of being noticed by employers.