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Motivated and recent graduate with a degree in Human Resources seeking an entry-level position as a Human Resource Manager. Armed with a solid understanding of HR principles, recruitment processes, and employee relations gained through academic coursework and internships. Adept at utilizing emerging HR technologies and committed to fostering a positive workplace culture. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with a keen interest in contributing to organizational success by supporting HR functions and employee development. Eager to learn and grow within a dynamic HR environment.


MBA Human Resource Management, BBA with specialisation in HR


• HR Information Systems • Legal Compliance • Performance Metrics • Communication • Leadership • Problem Solving • Adaptability • Collaboration • Customer Service • Ethical Judgment • Organizational Skills


Sample Project ideas for MBA HR Final Semester Students

Here are two project ideas that MBA HR graduates can pursue while still in college to demonstrate their skills and value to potential employers:

Project 1. Employee Engagement Survey and Action Plan:


Develop and implement an employee engagement survey within your college or a specific department. Design the survey to capture insights into job satisfaction, work-life balance, communication, and other relevant factors. Analyze the survey results and create a comprehensive action plan to address identified areas for improvement.

Key Components:

1. Design and administer the employee engagement survey.
2. Use survey tools or platforms to collect and analyze responses.
3. Identify key findings and areas for improvement.
4. Develop an action plan with specific initiatives to enhance employee engagement.
5. Present the results and proposed action plan to relevant stakeholders.


1. Demonstrates your understanding of employee engagement principles.
2. Highlights your ability to analyze survey data and formulate actionable strategies.
3. Shows your commitment to improving workplace satisfaction and organizational effectiveness.

Project 2. Diversity and Inclusion Initiative:


Propose and implement a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiative within your college or a specific student group. Develop a comprehensive plan to foster a diverse and inclusive environment, addressing aspects such as recruitment practices, training programs, and awareness campaigns.

Key Components:

1. Conduct a diversity audit to assess the current state of diversity within the organization.
2. Design and implement diversity and inclusion training sessions.
3. Create awareness campaigns promoting diversity and inclusion.
4. Develop strategies to attract and retain a diverse student body or workforce.
5. Measure and report the impact of the initiative on the organization's culture.


Showcases your commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.
Highlights your project management and organizational change skills.
Demonstrates your ability to create and execute strategic initiatives aligned with organizational values.
These projects not only allow MBA HR graduates to gain practical experience but also provide tangible examples to include on their resumes. Additionally, they showcase the graduates' ability to apply HR principles to real-world situations, which is highly valued by potential employers in the field.


Leadership: Student Vice President for the camps recruitment events, batch 2023 Interests: AI in recruitment and employee welfare management


HR Manager Internship 2023
AB & BC IT Company, Bangalore
Final Semester Student

• Instrumental in managing employee relations, contributing to a positive work culture.
• Assisted in the development and implementation of HR policies, ensuring compliance with legal standards.
• Collaborated with senior HR managers on strategic initiatives, demonstrating strong communication and organizational skills.

HR Executive Internship 2022
IP & LP IT Company, Noida
Second Semester Student

• Assisted in implementing employee engagement programs, contributing to a noticeable increase in team morale.
• Proficient in HRIS and ATS systems, ensuring accurate and organized documentation.
• Collaborated with HR professionals to address employee queries and participated in HR projects, showcasing adaptability and a strong commitment to organizational success.

Additional Inputs

Top soft skills to include on your HR resume

These skills are indeed crucial for an MBA HR professional, and including them on a resume demonstrates a well-rounded and capable candidate. Here's a brief comment on each skill:

HR Information Systems:

Proficiency in HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems) is vital for managing employee data, payroll, benefits, and other HR-related functions efficiently. It reflects your technical acumen in utilizing modern HR technologies.

Legal Compliance:

Understanding and ensuring legal compliance in HR practices is essential for risk mitigation and maintaining a healthy work environment. Highlighting this skill showcases your commitment to ethical and lawful HR operations.

Performance Metrics:

The ability to measure and analyze performance metrics demonstrates a data-driven approach to HR management. It's crucial for evaluating employee performance, making informed decisions, and contributing to organizational success.


Strong communication skills are fundamental in HR for effective interaction with employees, management, and external stakeholders. This includes written and verbal communication, as well as active listening.


Leadership skills are critical for HR professionals, as they often play a pivotal role in guiding organizational culture, leading HR teams, and influencing strategic decisions.

Problem Solving:

HR professionals encounter diverse challenges, and the ability to analyze problems critically and devise effective solutions is an invaluable skill. It reflects your capacity to handle complex situations.


HR environments are dynamic, and the ability to adapt to changes, whether in policies, regulations, or organizational structures, showcases your flexibility and resilience.


Collaboration is key for HR professionals who work with various departments to align HR strategies with organizational goals. Teamwork and effective collaboration contribute to a positive work culture.

Customer Service:

Employees are often considered internal customers, and providing excellent service in HR interactions enhances employee satisfaction and engagement. This skill emphasizes your focus on employee well-being.

Ethical Judgment:

HR professionals must make ethical decisions in areas like employee relations, diversity, and confidentiality. Demonstrating ethical judgment assures employers of your commitment to ethical HR practices.

Organizational Skills:

HR involves managing numerous tasks simultaneously, and organizational skills are crucial for handling responsibilities such as recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations efficiently.

Including these skills on an MBA HR resume not only provides a comprehensive overview of your capabilities but also aligns with the expectations of employers in the field of Human Resources. Consider providing specific examples or achievements related to each skill to make your resume even more impactful.