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Motivated and analytical Data Science enthusiast seeking an internship position to apply and expand my knowledge of data analysis, machine learning, and statistical modelling. Eager to contribute to real-world projects, leverage advanced data manipulation techniques, and collaborate with a team of experienced professionals. As a dedicated learner, I aim to acquire practical experience in extracting valuable insights from complex datasets, refining predictive models, and enhancing decision-making processes. Through this internship, I aspire to develop a strong foundation in data-driven problem solving while actively contributing to the growth and success of the organization.


BSc Computer Science, MSc Computer Science


Skills relevant to Data Science Intern Resume

• Statistical Analysis • Machine Learning • Data Cleansing and Pre-processing • Data Visualization • Problem-solving • Communication • Natural Language Processing


Sample Data Science Project Ideas

Project 1. Customer Churn Prediction for a Telecom Company

Project Idea: Develop a predictive model to identify customers at risk of churning (canceling their subscriptions) for a telecom company. Analyze customer data and usage patterns to predict which customers are likely to leave, enabling the company to take proactive retention measures.

Quantified Results:

Achieved a predictive accuracy of 85% in identifying churned customers.
Reduced customer churn rate by 15% over a six-month period after implementing retention strategies based on model predictions.

Skills Demonstrated:

Machine Learning:
Employ machine learning algorithms (e.g., logistic regression, random forests) for predictive modeling.

Data Preprocessing:
Clean, transform, and preprocess customer data.

Feature Engineering:
Create relevant features, such as customer lifetime value (CLV) and usage patterns.

Data Visualization:
Present insights and model results through data visualizations.

Model Evaluation:
Use metrics like accuracy, precision, recall, and ROC AUC to assess model performance.

Clearly communicate findings and recommendations to stakeholders.

Project 2. Sentiment Analysis for Product Reviews

Project Idea: Perform sentiment analysis on product reviews from an e-commerce platform to gain insights into customer opinions and identify areas for product improvement. Categorize reviews as positive, neutral, or negative based on sentiment.

Quantified Results:

Achieved an accuracy of 88% in sentiment classification of product reviews.
Identified key product features that received the most positive and negative feedback.

Skills Demonstrated:

Natural Language Processing (NLP):
Utilize NLP techniques to preprocess text data and perform sentiment analysis.

Text Classification:
Implement machine learning models for text classification (e.g., Naive Bayes, LSTM).

Feature Extraction:
Extract relevant features from text data, such as word frequency or TF-IDF.

Data Visualization:
Visualize sentiment trends and key findings using word clouds or bar charts.

Data Cleaning:
Clean and preprocess unstructured text data.

Statistical Analysis:
Conduct statistical analysis to uncover correlations between sentiment and product attributes.

Report Writing:
Summarize findings and insights in a clear and actionable report.

These projects demonstrate your proficiency in data science, machine learning, data analysis, and communication.

They will showcase to your potential employers your ability to tackle real-world problems, make data-driven decisions, and provide actionable recommendations to improve business outcomes. When presenting these projects to potential employers, emphasize the impact your work had on the company or organization, such as improved customer retention or product enhancement.


Reading about AI / ML advancements, exploring new ML Algorithms and Large Language Models and reading about leadership.


Data Science Intern
Outworx Solutions, Pune | May 2023 - August 2023

• Assisted in data collection, cleaning, and pre-processing.
• Conducted EDA to uncover data insights and patterns.
• Collaborated on machine learning projects for predictive analytics.
• Contributed to feature engineering and model optimization.
• Used Python, pandas, scikit-learn, and Matplotlib for analysis.
• Improved customer churn prediction model by 10%.
• Enhanced a recommendation system, increasing engagement by 15%.
• Reduced forecasting errors by 20% in time series analysis.

Tools: Python, Pandas, scikit-learn, Matplotlib, SQL, Git

Additional Inputs

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