1 MIN RESUME - About Us

1minresume.com - About Us

Welcome to 1minresume.com - your trustable ally in your search for better resumes, the resumes that help you win the jobs you aspire for. We are slightly more oriented towards recent graduates and those that are still looking for their first job and first internship opportunities.

The love for recent graduates and thsoe that are looking for their first jobs are partly fuelled by the founding team's own struggles to find their first gigs. The foundng is now a successful set of entrepreneurs with mroe than 30 years of experience behind each of them, but the beginnings weren't rosy and the founding team has learned a lot from those struggles that made them stronger and wise.

Here, through 1minresume.com, the founding team is sharing their knowledge and their wisdom on enjoying building successful careers with the likes of fresh college graduates and those experienced professionnals feeling stuck in their careers.

Explore the treasure trove of open blog posts, articles, resume formats, and invitations to webinars, etc. as you become better in your own careers.

If you have a word of advice for us or want to collaborate with us or even have any suggestions on what you want us to focus on via 1minresume, please drop us a line or get in touch using the contact form.

Thank you for stopping by. Good luck with your career.

The founding team!