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Eager MBA recipient with a focus on Human Resources, aiming for an initial HR role to utilize robust interpersonal abilities, a solid understanding of HR principles, and a fervent dedication to fostering employee involvement. Dedicated to aiding organizational objectives by implementing efficient recruitment, talent oversight, and fostering positive employee connections. A proactive student with a results-driven mindset, prepared to make a constructive impact within a vibrant HR department.


MBA in Human Resource
ICFAI Business School

BBA in Human Resource
ICFAI Business School


• Microsoft Excel • Data Visualization • Microsoft Office Suite • Employee Relations • Performance Management • Problem solving • HR Software


Final Year Student Project | 2023
Employee Relationship Strategies

• Championed an extensive research endeavor centered on strategies for retaining employees, conducting surveys and scrutinizing data to pinpoint pivotal factors impacting retention rates.
• Formulated practical suggestions for enhancing employee involvement and mitigating turnover.
• Showcased research outcomes to academic mentors and professionals in the field, garnering acclaim for the thoroughness of the study and its pragmatic insights.
• Engaged in collaborative projects to explore innovative approaches to talent management, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


Playing games, Music, Reading Books



Summer Internship | June 2023 – February 2024
JP IT Company

• Aided in recruitment procedures, managing job listings and screening applicants, resulting in fruitful hires.
• Assisted in enhancing new employee integration through support in onboarding and orientation programs.
• Analyzed HR data and produced reports to inform decision-making processes.
• Engaged in team efforts to promote employee involvement, fostering a nurturing work environment.

Additional Inputs

For HR freshers, developing a robust set of skills is crucial to effectively handle the various responsibilities that come with the role. Here are some important skills for HR beginners to focus on:

1. Communication Skills
• Verbal and Written Communication: HR professionals must clearly convey information, whether it’s through face-to-face conversations, emails, or written reports.
• Active Listening: Understanding the concerns and feedback from employees and management is vital.

2. Interpersonal Skills
• Empathy: Being able to relate to employees' feelings and concerns fosters trust and a positive workplace environment.
• Conflict Resolution: Managing and resolving disputes between employees effectively.

3. Organizational Skills
• Time Management: Prioritizing tasks and managing time efficiently to meet deadlines.
• Attention to Detail: Ensuring accuracy in HR documentation and processes, such as payroll and compliance reports.

4. Basic Knowledge of HR Laws and Regulations
• Labor Laws: Understanding employment laws, health and safety regulations, and equal employment opportunity policies to ensure compliance.
• Company Policies: Familiarity with internal policies and procedures.

5. Recruitment and Selection
• Interviewing Skills: Conducting interviews that assess candidates' fit for the company culture and job requirements.
• Onboarding: Facilitating a smooth transition for new hires into the organization.

6. Technical Skills
• HR Software Proficiency: Using HR Information Systems (HRIS) like SAP, Oracle, or Workday to manage employee data.
• MS Office Suite: Proficiency in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel for data analysis and reporting.

7. Problem-Solving Skills
• Analytical Thinking: Evaluating and interpreting data to make informed decisions.
• Resourcefulness: Finding innovative solutions to workplace issues.

8. Ethical Judgment and Integrity
• Confidentiality: Handling sensitive employee information with discretion.
• Ethical Standards: Maintaining fairness and ethical practices in all HR activities.

9. Training and Development
• Facilitation Skills: Conducting training sessions and workshops to improve employee skills and knowledge.
• Performance Management: Helping to design performance appraisal systems and providing constructive feedback.

10. Adaptability and Flexibility
• Change Management: Supporting the organization through changes and helping employees adapt.
• Continuous Learning: Staying updated with the latest HR trends, tools, and best practices.

11. Teamwork and Collaboration
• Building Relationships: Creating and maintaining positive working relationships across all levels of the organization.
• Collaboration: Working effectively with other departments to achieve common goals.

12. Customer Service Orientation
• Employee Support: Providing prompt and effective support to employees’ queries and issues.
• Service Mindset: Ensuring a high level of satisfaction in all HR services provided.

By honing these skills, HR freshers can build a solid foundation for a successful career in human resources. Continuous development and learning are key to staying effective and relevant in the evolving field of HR.

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