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Actually, this template does not have a career objective since this is designed for someone who has a lot of projects to show in their portfolio. But, if you do not have projects to show in portfolio, feel free to drop that section and add this generic career objective statement we have written for engineering internship positions. "As a recent mechanical engineering graduate with a passion for problem-solving and innovation, I am seeking an engineering internship that will provide hands-on experience in the industry. My goal is to apply my theoretical knowledge and technical skills in a professional setting, while also learning from experienced engineers and contributing to the success of the organization. Ultimately, I hope to gain valuable industry experience and establish a strong foundation for a successful career in mechanical engineering."


BE Mechanical Engineering, BE Mech Engg. or BE Mech.


Design: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, ProE, Data Analysis: MATLAB, Python, and Excel, Engineering: 3D printing, Value Engineering, Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada – Native level


Design and Optimization of a Wind Turbine Blade:
- Designed a wind turbine blade using CAD software and performed FEA analysis to optimize the blade shape for maximum efficiency.
- Conducted wind tunnel tests on the optimized blade to measure its performance.
- Achieved a 25% increase in power output compared to the original blade design, which could result in significant cost savings for wind farm operators.


Community Service Award: Recognized for outstanding community service related to mechanical engineering, such as participating in outreach programs to promote Women in Engineering programs. Leadership Award: Recognized for leadership skills while serving as the president of a mechanical engineering student organization. Design Competition Winner: Won first place in a mechanical design competition, showcasing skills in CAD, FEA analysis, and prototyping.


Development of a Low-Cost Prosthetic Hand:
- Led a team of four students to develop a low-cost prosthetic hand for amputees in underdeveloped countries.
- Conducted research to identify the most suitable materials and manufacturing techniques.
- Built and tested multiple prototypes to evaluate functionality, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Additional Inputs

As a recent graduate in mechanical engineering seeking to demonstrate your interest in mechanical engineering design jobs, there are several ways you can do so even if you do not have an engineering design portfolio to add to your resume.

Firstly, consider highlighting any relevant coursework you took during your degree program that relates to engineering design, such as product design or CAD courses. This will demonstrate your knowledge and interest in the field.

Additionally, seek out opportunities to participate in design-related projects, whether through student clubs, extracurricular activities, or personal projects. This will help to show potential employers that you have practical experience in design, even if it is not professional experience.

When writing your cover letter, make sure to express your interest in design and explain why you are interested in pursuing a career in this area. This can help to show the employer that you are genuinely passionate about this aspect of mechanical engineering.

Finally, consider showcasing any transferable skills that can be relevant to design work, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to detail. You can highlight these skills on your resume and explain how you can apply them to design work.

By utilizing these strategies, you can demonstrate your interest in mechanical engineering design jobs even if you do not have a design portfolio to add to your resume.

Why this template works

This is a simple yet very powerful template that showcases the technical skills engineering students possess. If you have even a single project to show, this template will help you highlight those skills. Include links to your youtube channel, Behance, Github, stackoverflow profile page - just anything can be shown under the portfolio section. Good luck!