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Fresher Interview Questions

Dec 28th 2023 10 Min read
top fresher intervie questions

If you are a fresh graduate and looking out for your first job opportunity, be it a paid or unpaid internship or a full time job opportunity, preparing for interviews is going to be on top of your mind. We have put together a list of 5 questions you can expect to get in your interviews no matter what the industry or the job function is.

Read on and tell us if you have any questions that we should address. Send your questions to help@1minresume.com.

Question 1. Tell me about yourself.

Believe it or not, this is a question all interviews start with. No exceptions. Know this fact and you will be served well in your interview preparations. Nail this question and you would have started your interview in the best possible manner, having checked the first impressions box very well to your advantage.

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Why do employers ask “Tell me about yourself”?

Although this question sounds very simple, it is a very important question that can make or break the interview. The employer wants to know how well prepared you are for the interview. That’s it. If you prepared well, it can mean a lot of things to the employer. According to the interviewer, if one prepared well for this question, it means that the candidate is organized and that the candidate cares enough about the job in question.

Think like an employer for a second. If a candidate walks into the interview and fumbles up answering this question after knowing all too well that this question is there in the interview, what would you make of the situation? One simple conclusion could be either the candidate isn’t informed well enough or the candidate didn’t care to be informed about the interview process. Youtube is full of interview preparation advices and there is no excuse not to prepare well for this question.

Sample answers to “tell me about yourself” question.

To help you prepare well for the interviews, we are providing you with some sample answers. You can tune down the formality in the language and make it a little more personable, but as-is not bad either. Just make sure to replace the placeholders with your actual information and practice until using these answers become your second nature.

Sample answer to tell me about yourself - 1

"Hello! My name is [Your Name], and I recently graduated with a degree in [Your Degree] from [Your University]. During my time at university, I developed a strong foundation in [Your Major/Field], and I was actively involved in [Any Relevant Extracurricular Activities or Projects]. I am particularly passionate about [Specific Area of Interest] and have gained hands-on experience through internships and coursework. I am excited to bring my skills in [Key Skill 1], [Key Skill 2], and [Key Skill 3] to a dynamic and growth-oriented environment."

Sample answer to tell me about yourself - 2

"Hi, I'm [Your Name], a recent graduate with a degree in [Your Degree] from [Your University]. My academic background has equipped me with a solid understanding of [Your Major/Field], and I have honed my skills in [Relevant Technical Skills]. During my studies, I completed a notable project on [Describe a Project or Assignment] where I demonstrated my ability to [Highlight Achievements]. I am eager to apply my knowledge and enthusiasm for [Specific Industry/Field] in a professional setting."

Sample answer to tell me about yourself - 3

"Greetings! I am [Your Name], a recent graduate in [Your Degree] from [Your University]. Throughout my academic journey, I focused on [Your Major/Field], and I had the opportunity to engage in [Internships, Research, or Projects] that deepened my understanding of [Specific Industry/Field]. My coursework has equipped me with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, and I am proficient in [Relevant Tools or Technologies]. I am excited to leverage my academic background and contribute to innovative projects in [Target Company/Industry]."

Sample answer to tell me about yourself - 4

"Hello, I'm [Your Name], a recent graduate with a degree in [Your Degree] from [Your University]. My academic journey has provided me with a solid foundation in [Your Major/Field], and I have a keen interest in [Specific Area of Interest]. During my time at university, I actively participated in [Clubs, Organizations, or Leadership Roles], where I developed my teamwork and communication skills. I am eager to bring my passion for [Specific Field] and my dedication to continuous learning to a dynamic work environment."

Sample answer to tell me about yourself - 5

"Hi there! I'm [Your Name], and I recently graduated with a degree in [Your Degree] from [Your University]. I am enthusiastic about [Your Major/Field], and my coursework has equipped me with a strong background in [Key Areas of Expertise]. I had the opportunity to complete a challenging internship where I [Describe Internship Experience]. I am excited to contribute my skills in [Relevant Skills] to a forward-thinking company that values creativity and innovation."

Top fresher interview questions

top 5 fresher interview questions

Question 2. Could you tell us what you know about our company?

Another important question that may appear in the early stages of your interview. Whether the company is a popular start up or a 100 year old company like JP Morgan, you can expect this question to very likely come up in your interview.

What does the employer check by asking you this question?

This question allows employers to assess how well-prepared and informed a candidate is about the company. It reflects your level of interest in the organization and the effort you put into researching it. Also, employers want to gauge your level of interest in the company. According to the employer, candidates who have taken the time to learn about the organization are more likely to be genuinely motivated and enthusiastic about the position.

Additionally, demonstrating knowledge about the company's industry and its position in the market showcases your awareness of the broader business landscape. For example, if you have an MBA in Finance and haven’t heard of JP Morgan, it is going to show up in your answer to the question. The employer would want to hear more than “JP Morgan is a popular company” as a reason for you to work there.

Sample answer to “Could you tell us what you know about our company? “

"Absolutely! I've done thorough research on [Company Name] and am impressed by your commitment to [specific aspects of the company, e.g., innovation, customer satisfaction, sustainability]. Your company is widely recognized for [mention any awards, achievements, or unique selling points], which I find particularly inspiring. I appreciate how [Company Name] places a strong emphasis on [core values or key areas, e.g., teamwork, diversity, community engagement]. This aligns well with my own values, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to such a dynamic and forward-thinking organization. I was also drawn to [mention any recent news, projects, or initiatives] that [Company Name] has undertaken, showcasing your dedication to [specific goals or values]. Overall, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of being part of [Company Name] and contributing to its continued success."

MCA Fresher Resume Template

If you haven't checked out the ready to use resume templates, you might want to check this one of the most downloaded resume tempalates.

MCA Fresher / Experienced Resume Format Image

Question 3. Why did you study what you studied in undergrad / post grad ?

You may have studied what you studied just for employment prospects. Although that goes against the wisdom of do what you love, it is completely understandable to pursue something that would ensure survival in this ever competitive world. But, put yourself in the employer’s situation – you wouldn’t want to hire someone just because they have a qualification, right?

Why employers ask fresh graduates in interviews "Why did you study what you studied in undergrad / post grad ?"

Employers want to understand what motivated you to pursue a particular field of study. Your answer provides insight into your interests, passion, and the factors that influenced your educational choices. Employers are also interested in how your educational background aligns with the requirements of the position for which you are applying. They want to ensure that your academic pursuits have equipped you with the relevant skills and knowledge for the job. A lot of mechanical engineering graduates apply to financial services opportunities.

The reason behind that is the opportunity to use their transferrable skills that they gained while training to be an engineer. Employers may be looking for transferable skills gained through your education. Even if your major may not seem directly related to the job, your coursework might have equipped you with skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and research skills.

Sample answer to “Why did you study what you studied in undergrad / post grad ?"

"I chose to study [Your Major/Area of Study] because I've always been fascinated by [specific aspects or topics within the field]. During my academic journey, I found a deep interest in [mention specific courses or projects] that allowed me to develop strong skills in [relevant skills]. I believe that my educational background has equipped me with the necessary foundation in [Your Major/Area of Study] and has prepared me well for the challenges of [Target Job/Industry]. Additionally, I am drawn to [specific aspects of the industry or career path], and I am excited about the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in a professional setting."

When preparing your resume, consider using a resume template. Did you check out the latest resume template we have for MCA Freshers? In the month of Jan 2023 alone, 12 people found their first jobs using that resume. It is prepared by our latest addition to the Ops team, Krithika, who worked for a start-up in Bangalore. A resume template provides a pre-formatted structure that can help you organize your information effectively. There are many free resume templates available online that you can use as a starting point for your own resume.

Here is a great example of a simple and elegant best resume format for BCA freshers aka fresher graduates that shows achievements in their resume. If you are a fresh graduate, just download the template, change the project names accordingly, then bingo!

BCA fresher sample resume format

BCA Fresher / Experienced Resume Format Image

Question 4. What your areas of development?

The old school way of asking this question is “What are your weaknesses”. It is just the same question as what are your areas of development, which just sounds a little more positive but assumes everyone should be working on something to get better at. You should have a list of areas of development ready. If you think on the spot during the interview, that is going to be seen as a red flag quite simply because at least if you prepared ahead of the interview, you would be firing that list immediately without having to conjure them up during the interview.

Why employers ask in interviews ‘What are your areas of development”?

The reason why employers ask this question is not to make a hiring decision based on your areas of development, but to assess your self-awareness, humility and authenticity. If one is self-aware and authentic, they are very likely to be easy to work with as well, and this is what employers care about since especially given the majority of fresh college hires would require some amount of handholding in the early stages, the employer wants to make sure the candidate is worth that investment they would be making.

Most common fresher interview questions

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Tell us wha you know about our company.

3. Why did you study what you studied in undergrad / post grad

4. What are your areas of development.

5. Communication:

Sample Answer to ‘What are your areas of development”? - 1

"Having recently graduated, I recognize that while my academic background has equipped me with a strong theoretical foundation, there is always room for practical application and hands-on experience. One area I am actively working on is gaining more real-world exposure to [specific skills or tools relevant to the job]. I am committed to enhancing my proficiency in [mention a specific skill, e.g., project management, data analysis] to ensure that I can contribute effectively in a professional environment. Additionally, I am keen on further developing my [communication/teamwork/time management] skills, as I believe these are crucial for success in any workplace. I am open to learning and am excited about the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally."

Sample Answer to ‘What are your areas of development”? - 2

"As a recent graduate, I understand the importance of continuous improvement and adapting to the demands of the professional world. One area I am actively working on is honing my [specific technical or soft skill] skills. While I have a solid foundation from my academic studies, I am seeking opportunities to apply and refine these skills in a practical setting. I am also focused on strengthening my [specific area of weakness, e.g., public speaking, leadership] skills. I recognize that effective communication and leadership are vital for professional growth, and I am eager to participate in training or development programs that will help me enhance these abilities. I view every challenge as a learning opportunity and am enthusiastic about addressing areas of development to become a more well-rounded professional."

Question 5. Tell me about a challenging situation you faced in life and how you managed it?

This question is becoming a popular question in the interviews these days. The question helps employers assess your ability to identify challenges and develop effective solutions. Your response demonstrates your problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Why employers ask “Tell me about a challenging situation you faced in life and how you managed it?”

Employers want to understand how you handle adversity and setbacks. Sharing a challenging experience and how you managed it provides insight into your resilience, perseverance, and ability to cope with difficulties. Adapting to the demands of a professional world isn’t easy, especially if someone if a fresh graduate and hasn’t had any exposure to professional world through internships and apprenticeship training, and the employer wants to derive some confidence from your life or academic situations the candidate may have managed. So prepare ahead and keep one or two examples handy to discuss.

Our advice is that simpler the font the better it is and that you should focus more on the content and not on the color, font style, etc. A great format and a good looking resume can not take you farther than great credentials can; so, please work on your qualifications, skills and demonstrating those through projects.

Did you check our BCA resume formats?

The BCA fresher resumes we have are used by hundreds of BCA graduates and many of them have found their first jobs using these resumes.

Sample answer to ““Tell me about a challenging situation you faced in life and how you managed it?”

"In my final year of university, I faced a challenging situation when I was assigned to lead a group project with tight deadlines and conflicting schedules among team members. It was a stressful situation as effective collaboration was crucial for the project's success. To address this, I initiated a team meeting to openly discuss our individual strengths, preferences, and availability. I encouraged open communication, and together we developed a flexible timeline that accommodated everyone's schedules. Additionally, I implemented a project management tool to keep everyone updated on tasks and deadlines. By fostering a collaborative and communicative environment, we successfully completed the project ahead of schedule, and the experience taught me the importance of effective leadership, communication, and adaptability in overcoming challenges."


Preparing ahead for interviews is very important. Although the questions themselves are not difficult, responding to them without preparation can become very stressful, and when you are stressed, you are not going to be representing yourself in the best possible manner. Ask yourself these questions and you know you took several minutes to come up with the right situations and responses. Could you afford to spend several minutes to come up with these answers and changing them along the way during the interview? If you did, what impression do you leave in the minds of the interviewers? That is why preparation is key.

Preparation is the vital element in securing your first job. Preparation is also the most often overlooked step in the job search process that many fail to realize despite several failed interview attempts. Prepare well and you would have done yourself a huge favor. Good luck with your job search. Let us know if we can help in anyways.

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