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Dynamic Software Engineer from IIFT Hyderabad, seeking a challenging role to apply analytical skills and software expertise in business analysis and optimization. Committed to driving efficiency and excellence in engineering projects for organizational success.


BTech Software Engineering


• Software Excel spreadsheets including Sensitivity Analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, and modeling uncertainties; C, C++, Matlab, Saphire (probabilistic analysis tool) MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

• Courses Coursework covering fundamentals of finance, economics, statistics, risk-benefit and decision analysis, Options in engineering, and engineering math.

• Projects Simulated stock prices using Hidden-Markov-Models (Course - Statistics); researched system design optimization techniques as part of a course portfolio (Course - Engineering Options).


Story-Telling | Cryptic-Crosswords | Teaching Innovations | News Reporting | Tennis | Piano


Osito Tech, Bangalore, KA | Business Intern | Oct 2023 – Present

• Developed Excel spreadsheet model for valuation of the start-up’s revenue prospects over the next ten years.
• Collaborated with management team in researching and identifying market segments for the new product.
• Currently working on evaluating strategies to be adopted for market deployment and future expansion.

• Chief Course Coordinator, IIFT – Formulated the syllabus and developed the course content for a postgraduate design engineering course. Organized lectures and led postgraduate assistants in conducting lab tutorials for 200 postgraduate students.
• Innovative Teaching, IIFT: Formulated new teaching approaches as part of an HP sponsored focus-group trial.
• Community Service Officer, IIFT – Planned and organized community events for fostering greater interactions amongst postgraduate students. Received Outstanding Officer Award for organizational excellence.
• Circulation Manager and News Reporter, Postgraduate Student News Magazine, IIFT: Managed monthly distribution of 5000 copies of magazine on IIFT campus. Popularized Cryptic Crosswords at IIFT.
• Mentor, IIFT Hyderabad – Mentored 15 freshmen during the senior year at IIFT Hyderabad.

Additional Inputs

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