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As a recent computer science engineering graduate, I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills in a professional setting. I am seeking an internship opportunity in any industry where I can contribute my technical expertise and gain practical experience. My objective is to learn from experienced professionals, develop my technical abilities, and contribute to the success of the company.


BE Computer Science and BTEch Computer Science


C, C++, Java R, Python (common libraries); DBMS: MySQL, MS Access; Web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript; Data and analytics: Tableau, Power BI, MS Excel


Online Shopping Portal – Final Year Project

Developed an e-commerce website for a retail client, which allowed customers to browse products, add them to their cart, and checkout. The project involved designing a database schema, implementing a front-end using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and developing a backend using Java and Spring framework.


 Improved website loading time by 20% through code optimization and image compression techniques.
 Increased customer engagement by implementing product recommendations based on purchase history, resulting in a 30% increase in average order value.


Coding and exploring new technologies - Playing video games and solving puzzles - Following the latest developments in the technology industry - Playing basketball and soccer with friends on weekends - Playing guitar and learning new songs


Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Data – 3rd Year Group Project

Developed a machine learning-based sentiment analysis tool that analyzed social media data from Twitter to determine the sentiment of a brand's online presence. The project involved data collection, data preprocessing, and training a machine learning model using Python and Natural Language Processing techniques.


 Achieved an accuracy of 85% in classifying tweets into positive, negative, and neutral categories.
 Provided valuable insights to the client about their brand's online reputation, leading to a 15% increase in customer satisfaction.

Additional Inputs

If you're a computer science student who hasn't created Github or Behance repositories, don't worry. There are still many opportunities to showcase your technical abilities. Here are some common ways:

Personal projects: Work on your own personal projects outside of school assignments to showcase your skills. This could be developing a new app, website, or game, contributing to open-source projects, or participating in coding challenges.

Hackathons: Participating in hackathons is a great way to showcase your technical abilities. It allows you to work on real-world problems, develop new skills, and network with other developers.

Internships: Apply for internships at tech companies or startups to gain practical experience and showcase your skills to potential employers.

Coursework: Highlight relevant coursework in your resume or portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in various programming languages and technologies.

Certifications: Obtain industry-recognized certifications in areas such as programming languages, cloud computing, cybersecurity, or data science to demonstrate your technical abilities and knowledge.

Online coding platforms: Participate in coding challenges on platforms such as HackerRank, LeetCode, or CodeWars to showcase your technical abilities and problem-solving skills.

Personal website or blog: Create your own website or blog to showcase your technical skills, share your personal projects, and demonstrate your understanding of various programming languages and technologies.

Why this template works

This is a very simple resume template developed keeping fresh BE and BTech Engineering students across various disciplines. Simple resume templates are often better than very colorful ones for showcasing technical skills because they help to focus the reader's attention on the content of the resume rather than on the design elements. Here are a few reasons why simple resume templates may be more effective:

They are easier to read: Simple resume templates tend to have clean lines and an uncluttered layout that make it easier for the reader to quickly scan and digest the information. This is especially important for technical resumes, which often contain a lot of specific technical jargon that can be overwhelming.

They emphasize content over design: When it comes to technical resumes, the content is king. Employers are primarily interested in the candidate's technical skills and experience, and flashy design elements can sometimes distract from this. A simple, straightforward design helps to emphasize the content of the resume and highlight the candidate's technical abilities.

They are more professional: While colorful or complex designs may be appropriate for creative industries, they can come across as unprofessional in more technical fields. A simple resume template helps to convey a professional and serious tone, which is important for technical resumes.

Overall, simple resume templates are often better than very colorful ones for showcasing technical skills because they help to convey a professional, uncluttered, and easy-to-read format that emphasizes content over design.