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Highly motivated and dedicated hotel management graduate with a passion for delivering exceptional guest experiences. Seeking a challenging role in a reputable hotel or resort where I can utilize my strong communication, organizational, and leadership skills to contribute to the overall success of the establishment. Committed to providing excellent customer service and implementing efficient operational strategies to ensure guest satisfaction and drive revenue growth.


Diploma in Hotel Management


Here is a list of skills that you may consider including in your Hotel Management Diploma resume and what each of the skills help demonstrate to the recruiter.

1. Customer Service: Providing exceptional customer service, resolving guest issues, and ensuring a positive guest experience.

2. Front Office Operations: Managing reservations, check-ins, check-outs, handling guest inquiries, and maintaining guest records.

3. Food and Beverage Management: Knowledge of food and beverage operations, menu planning, inventory management, and ensuring high-quality service.

4. Event Planning: Organizing and coordinating events, conferences, and banquets, including logistics, scheduling, and budget management.

5. Leadership and Team Management: Leading and supervising teams, training staff, and ensuring smooth operations within the hotel.

6. Communication: Strong verbal and written communication skills, including effective interpersonal skills to interact with guests, colleagues, and management.

7. Problem-Solving: Analyzing situations, identifying issues, and implementing solutions to address challenges and ensure guest satisfaction.

8. Financial Management: Understanding financial concepts, budgeting, cost control, and revenue management.

9. Sales and Marketing: Knowledge of sales techniques, promotional strategies, and marketing initiatives to drive bookings and revenue.

10. Adaptability: Ability to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, quickly adapting to changing circumstances and guest needs.

11. Multitasking: Managing multiple tasks simultaneously, prioritizing workload, and meeting deadlines.

12. Computer Skills: Proficiency in using hotel management software, reservation systems, Microsoft Office Suite, and other relevant applications.

13. Cultural Awareness: Understanding and respecting diverse cultures, customs, and sensitivities when interacting with guests from different backgrounds.

14. Health and Safety: Knowledge of health and safety regulations, ensuring compliance, and maintaining a safe environment for guests and staff.

15. Languages: Fluency in multiple languages can be an asset, especially in international hotel settings.


If you are a recent graduate or a student who is building up your resume, include your Diploma or Degree project in place of the work experience section.

Here is a sample project to show you how you can include the project on your resume. You can skip the responsibilities part - it is mostly to help you prepare for the interview.

Student Project: "Guest Satisfaction Enhancement Program"

Description: Implemented a comprehensive guest satisfaction enhancement program in collaboration with a team of fellow students. The project aimed to improve overall guest satisfaction scores and enhance the guest experience throughout the hotel.

Conducted guest surveys to identify areas for improvement and gather feedback.
Analyzed survey data and identified key areas of concern.

Developed and implemented strategies to address identified issues.
Collaborated with various departments to ensure seamless execution of improvement initiatives.

Tracked guest satisfaction metrics and monitored progress.

Increased overall guest satisfaction scores by 15% within six months.

Achieved a 20% reduction in guest complaints through targeted improvements.

Implemented new guest engagement initiatives resulting in a 25% increase in positive guest reviews.

Enhanced service delivery processes, leading to a 30% improvement in response time for guest requests.

Received positive feedback from guests and management for the program's impact on the guest experience.

Incorporating a student project like this in your resume demonstrates your proactive approach, teamwork skills, problem-solving abilities, and the impact you made in a practical setting. Including quantified results helps quantify the success and effectiveness of your project, providing tangible evidence of your contributions and achievements. It is not always easy to quantify the results of the project, but you should make every effort to quantify the results.


Here is a list of 5 hobbies and interests that you may consider including in your Hotel Management resume:

1. Travel: Highlighting your passion for travel can demonstrate your enthusiasm for exploring new cultures, experiencing different hospitality offerings, and understanding diverse guest perspectives.

2. Culinary Arts: If you have a keen interest in culinary arts, such as cooking or exploring various cuisines, it can showcase your appreciation for food and your ability to contribute to menu planning and food service operations.

3. Event Planning: Showcasing an interest in event planning, whether professionally or as a personal hobby, can demonstrate your creativity, organizational skills, and attention to detail in executing successful events.

4. Hospitality Industry Involvement: If you actively participate in industry-related events, conferences, or organizations, it reflects your commitment to staying updated with industry trends, networking, and professional development.

5. Language Learning: Demonstrating an interest in learning languages can be advantageous, especially in the international hospitality industry, as it showcases your ability to communicate effectively with a diverse range of guests and colleagues.

Remember to choose hobbies and interests that genuinely reflect your passions and strengths. Including relevant hobbies can help showcase your personality, demonstrate well-roundedness, and spark conversations during interviews.


One simple tip around including work experience is focus on including achievements rather than your responsibilities. Here is a sample of how you can include your achievements in the resume.

Work Experience:
Front Desk Intern, XYZ Hotel, City, State

Duration: May 20XX - August 20XX

Assisted the front desk team in providing excellent customer service and ensuring smooth hotel operations, handling an average of 50 check-ins and check-outs daily.

Welcomed and checked in guests, maintaining an average satisfaction score of 95% based on post-stay surveys.

Responded to guest inquiries and requests, achieving a 90% satisfaction rate for problem resolution.

Collaborated with housekeeping and maintenance departments to ensure an average room readiness rate of 98%, resulting in reduced wait times for guests.

Managed incoming phone calls and emails, maintaining a 95% response rate and ensuring timely communication with guests and staff.

Utilized the hotel's property management system to update guest records, process payments, and manage room availability, contributing to an average occupancy rate of 85% during the internship period.

Received positive feedback from guests, with 95% expressing satisfaction with the quality of service provided during their stay.

Assisted in training new interns, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining high service standards.

Additional Inputs

On your Hotel Management resume, you should focus on including most commonly used keywords on job descriptions.

Here is a list of top keywords we see as most frequently appearing on Hotel Management job descriptions.

1. Hotel Management

2. Hospitality Operations

3. Guest Service

4. Front Office Operations

5. Revenue Management

6. Team Leadership

7. Staff Training and Development

8. Food and Beverage Management

9. Event Planning

10. Budgeting and Cost Control

11. Customer Relationship Management

12. Sales and Marketing

13. Quality Assurance

14. Property Management Systems

15. Problem-Solving

16. Communication Skills

17. Multitasking

18. Adaptability

19. Organizational Skills

20. Attention to Detail

Why this template works

This is a simple resume template that helps highlight skills that are most relevant to the hotel management industry, so it is naturally bound to catch the attention of the recruiter. This template uses text boxes to place elements in position so please make sure to convert your completed resume to pdf format and send your resume only in pdf format.

Good luck.