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Motivated BSc Physics graduate seeking a challenging position to apply theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills in scientific research, driving advancements in quantum mechanics, astrophysics or renewable energy for a positive impact.


BSc Physics, MSc Physics


• Strong theoretical understanding of physics principles and concepts

• Proficiency in mathematical modeling, data analysis, and experimental techniques

• Knowledge of laboratory procedures, equipment handling, and experimental techniques

• Proficient in using scientific software and tools such as MATLAB, Mathematics, or Python


Quantum Tunneling Phenomenon Investigation:

• Designed and conducted experiments using tunneling microscopy to observe and analyze quantum tunneling effect.
• Collected and analyzed data to quantify the tunneling probabilities and study the dependence on barrier height and width.
• Presented findings in a research paper, highlighting the implications of quantum tunneling in various applications, such as scanning tunneling microscopy and quantum computing.

Characterization of Thin Films for the Solar Cell Applications

• Utilized techniques such as ellipsometry and X-ray diffraction to determine the thickness, optical properties, and crystal structure of thin films used in Solar Cell Technology.
• Analyzed the film properties to optimize efficiency and performance of solar cells.
• Co-authored a research paper and presented the findings in a poster presentation at a national conference.

Design and Construction of a Simple Harmonic Oscillator

• Led a team in designing and constructing a functional model of a simple harmonic oscillator using basic materials and components.
• Conducted experiments to measure and analyze the oscillation characteristics, including period, amplitude and frequency.
• Presented the project in a team demonstration, showcasing the practical understanding of harmonic motion principles and hands-on engineering skills.


If you are a recent Physics graduate, here are some hobbies and interests that you can consider including on your resume as a recent physics graduate.

These hobbies are relatively versatile and can showcase your skills and qualities in various ways:

Problem-Solving Puzzles: Engaging in puzzles like Sudoku, crosswords, or logic games demonstrates your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Reading Science Fiction: Reading science fiction novels can showcase your passion for scientific concepts and your curiosity about the possibilities of the future.

Amateur Astronomy: Pursuing astronomy as a hobby indicates your interest in space, observation skills, and your ability to appreciate the wonders of the universe.

Programming and Coding: Learning programming languages or coding for fun highlights your technical aptitude, logical thinking, and adaptability to new technologies.

Outdoor Activities: Participating in outdoor activities like hiking or cycling shows that you value physical health and can balance your academic interests with active pursuits.

Chess or Board Games: Playing chess or strategy games demonstrates your strategic thinking, planning abilities, and patience.

Exploring Mathematics: Studying advanced mathematical concepts or exploring mathematical puzzles illustrates your quantitative skills and interest in the mathematical foundations of physics.

Photography: Exploring photography reflects your attention to detail, observation skills, and artistic sensibilities. Volunteering or Community Service: Participating in community service showcases your commitment to social responsibility and your ability to work collaboratively in diverse settings.

Scientific Communities: Engaging in science communication activities, such as writing science articles or giving talks, demonstrates your ability to convey complex ideas to a broader audience.

Languages: Learning a new language indicates your adaptability, willingness to learn, and potential for cross-cultural communication.

DIY Projects: Engaging in do-it-yourself projects demonstrates your practical skills, creativity, and ability to work with tools and materials.

Additional Inputs

If you are a recent graduate looking for your first job opportunity, there is a lot of free resources you can consider leveraging to gain more ideas on your professional growth. Here are some career-related podcasts and YouTube channels that cover a range of topics to help you with your professional growth: Podcasts:

"The Tim Ferriss Show" - Host Tim Ferriss interviews world-class performers from various fields, discussing their strategies, routines, and insights for success.

"The Career Relaunch Podcast" - Hosted by Joseph Liu, this podcast focuses on career change and relaunching, featuring stories, advice, and practical tips for navigating career transitions.

"The Ed Mylett Show" - Ed Mylett shares personal development and success strategies, along with interviews featuring influential leaders and entrepreneurs.

"The Productivity Show" by Asian Efficiency - Offers actionable tips and strategies to increase productivity, time management, and organization skills.

"HBR IdeaCast" - Harvard Business Review's podcast features interviews with thought leaders, authors, and business experts discussing a wide range of business and career-related topics.

YouTube Channels:

"TED Talks" - The official TED Talks YouTube channel features a diverse array of inspiring talks on a wide range of topics, including personal development, career growth, and leadership.

"The School of Life" - This channel covers topics related to emotional intelligence, self-improvement, relationships, and psychological well-being.

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"LinkedIn Learning" - Offers a variety of video tutorials and courses on topics such as leadership, communication, project management, and technical skills.