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Motivated and adaptable BCom graduate with a strong academic foundation and a passion for business seeks diverse professional opportunities, including contractual assignments and internships. Committed to applying theoretical knowledge and practical skills gained throughout the degree program to contribute to organizational growth, while continuously learning and developing in a dynamic work environment. Seeking a challenging role that fosters professional growth, offers valuable industry experience, and allows for the application of business acumen and analytical skills in a real-world setting.


BCom, MCom


MS Excel, Tableau, PowerPoint, Tally


Project Title: Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning for a Small Business

Project Description:
Conducted a comprehensive financial analysis and developed strategic recommendations for a small business to optimize financial performance and drive growth. The project involved assessing the company's financial statements, identifying areas of improvement, and formulating actionable strategies to enhance profitability, cash flow management, and overall financial health.

Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

Analyzed financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, to evaluate the company's financial performance, liquidity, and solvency.
Conducted a ratio analysis to assess key financial indicators such as profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and leverage, providing insights into the company's financial strengths and weaknesses.
Identified cost-saving opportunities and efficiency measures by analyzing expenses, budget allocation, and operational processes, resulting in potential cost reductions and improved resource allocation.


When including hobbies in a BCom resume focused on finance and accounting jobs, it's important to choose hobbies that demonstrate relevant skills or qualities. Here are some hobbies that can showcase desirable traits for finance and accounting roles:

1. Investment Analysis: Showcasing an interest in analyzing stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments can highlight your analytical and research skills, which are highly valued in finance roles.

2. Financial Modeling: If you enjoy creating financial models or working with spreadsheet tools like Excel, it demonstrates your proficiency in data analysis and your ability to work with complex financial data.

3. Volunteer Treasurer: If you have volunteered as a treasurer for a club, organization, or non-profit, it demonstrates your financial management skills, attention to detail, and experience in handling budgets and financial transactions.

4. Personal Finance Management: Demonstrating a passion for personal finance, such as managing your own investments or creating a budgeting system, highlights your understanding of financial principles and your ability to make sound financial decisions.

5. Competitive Stock Market Simulation: Participating in stock market simulation games or competitions showcases your interest in finance, your ability to make strategic investment decisions, and your understanding of market trends.

6. Accounting Software Proficiency: If you have experience using accounting software such as QuickBooks or Excel for financial record-keeping or bookkeeping purposes, it demonstrates your technical skills and familiarity with industry-standard tools.

Remember, it's important to include hobbies that genuinely interest you and align with your professional aspirations. Highlighting hobbies that demonstrate relevant skills and qualities can provide additional depth to your resume and show your dedication to the finance and accounting field.


Project Title: Market Research and Analysis for Product Launch

Project Description:
Conducted comprehensive market research and analysis to support the successful launch of a new product within the consumer goods industry. The project involved a combination of primary and secondary research methods to gather and analyze data, providing valuable insights to inform marketing and business strategies.

Key Responsibilities and Achievements:

Developed a detailed research plan outlining objectives, target audience, and methodologies for data collection.
Conducted primary research through surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gather customer preferences, buying behavior, and market trends.
Utilized secondary research sources such as industry reports, market studies, and competitor analysis to gather additional market insights.
Analyzed collected data using statistical tools and techniques to identify market opportunities, potential risks, and competitive advantages.
Generated comprehensive reports and presentations summarizing research findings, including actionable recommendations for product positioning, pricing, and marketing strategies.
Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including marketing, sales, and product development, to ensure alignment of research findings with overall business objectives.
Presented research findings and recommendations to key stakeholders, including senior management, to influence decision-making processes and drive successful product launch.
Skills Developed:

Market research and analysis: Demonstrated proficiency in designing research methodologies, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting market trends.
Data analysis: Utilized statistical tools and techniques to analyze research data, identify patterns, and derive actionable insights.
Project management: Effectively planned and executed a research project within specified timelines, coordinating with multiple stakeholders and ensuring deliverables were met.
Communication and presentation: Developed clear and concise reports and presentations to effectively communicate complex research findings and recommendations to diverse audiences.
Collaboration: Worked collaboratively with cross-functional teams to integrate research insights into overall business strategies and decision-making processes.

Additional Inputs

Consider including leadership skills on your BCom resume. Here are some sample leadership opportunities that you can showcase on a BCom resume:

Student Organization Leadership: Highlight any leadership roles you held in student organizations, such as serving as President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Event Coordinator. Include details about your responsibilities, initiatives you led, and the impact you made on the organization.

Team Leadership: If you have led teams on academic projects, group assignments, or extracurricular activities, mention your role as a team leader. Describe how you successfully coordinated and motivated team members, delegated tasks, and achieved project goals.

Volunteer Leadership: If you have taken on leadership positions in volunteer work or community service initiatives, showcase those experiences. This can include roles like Volunteer Coordinator, Team Leader, or Event Organizer, demonstrating your ability to lead and coordinate groups towards a common goal.

Internship/Workplace Leadership: If you have been in a leadership role during internships or part-time jobs, highlight those experiences. Include any instances where you supervised or mentored junior staff, took initiative in driving projects, or provided guidance and support to team members.

College Representative: If you have represented your college or department as a student representative or ambassador, mention this on your resume. Describe your responsibilities, such as attending meetings, representing student interests, and acting as a liaison between students and faculty.

Event Organization: If you have organized events, workshops, or conferences, highlight your leadership in event planning and management. Discuss your role in coordinating logistics, leading a team, and ensuring the successful execution of the event.

Academic Leadership: If you have been involved in academic leadership roles, such as being a tutor, teaching assistant, or peer mentor, mention these experiences. Describe how you provided guidance and support to other students, facilitated learning, and contributed to their academic success.

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You should stick to a simple resume template if you do not have many years of work experience. simple templates provide a professional and organized framework for presenting your qualifications and achievements concisely. They help ensure that your resume is easy to read, compatible with ATS systems, and allows your content to shine, making it an effective tool for BCom graduates seeking finance and business-related roles.