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I am a hardworking, diligent and a passionate team player and problem solver, willing to learn and go beyond the call of duty to meet the team’s objectives. I was recognized in my college and in my community for my volunteering efforts and leadership.


BCA, Bachelor of Computer Applications


The skills listed on the candidate's resume demonstrate a well-rounded and valuable set of abilities that align well with the role of an associate in non-voice process operations.

Here's a comment on why each skill is a good inclusion:

MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word: Proficiency in these Microsoft Office applications is essential for creating, analyzing, and presenting data and reports, which are fundamental tasks in non-voice process operations.

Tally: Tally is a widely used accounting software, showing the candidate's ability to handle financial data and contribute effectively to accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Process Analysis: Demonstrates the candidate's aptitude for assessing workflows and identifying areas for improvement, critical for optimizing operational processes.

Process Documentation: This skill highlights the candidate's ability to document workflows and procedures, ensuring clear communication and consistency in operations.

Project Management: Indicates the capacity to organize tasks, meet deadlines, and manage projects effectively, a valuable skill in maintaining efficient operations.

Reporting: Proficiency in generating accurate and insightful reports showcases the candidate's ability to track and communicate operational metrics.

Data Analysis: With data being a cornerstone of operations, the candidate's ability to analyze data demonstrates their potential for making informed decisions.

Data Visualization in Excel: This skill enhances data communication and presentation, making complex information more accessible and understandable to stakeholders.

Communication: Effective communication is crucial for collaboration, sharing insights, and coordinating tasks within a team or across departments.

Given that the candidate holds a BCA degree and is seeking opportunities as an associate in non-voice process operations, these skills collectively portray a candidate who is equipped to handle tasks related to data management, reporting, process improvement, and project coordination.

The skills also reflect adaptability, as they can apply across various industries and roles within non-voice operations.


As a recent graduate, you may not have formal work experience yet, but that does not mean that you should not include any experience on your resume. You should include whatever work experience you have - including, gig work on freelancing platforms, part time work and any work you may have done for anyone, even if it is unpaid.

If you do not have any of these at all, then your best opportunities to include are your projects that you would have undertaken as part of your degree requirements.

When including these projects, you should focus on the results rather than what your role was in those projects.

That is why we are showing you two sample projects so you can model your project experiences appropriately. Project 1: Project title: E-Commerce site Conversion Rate Improvement

1. Developed and implemented strategies to optimize an existing e-commerce website, resulting in a significant improvement in the conversion rate and overall user experience.
2. Conducted in-depth analysis of user behavior, identified pain points, and implemented targeted enhancements to drive conversions.
3. Collaborated with a cross-functional team, including designers and developers, to implement the necessary changes and ensure seamless integration.
4. Utilized A/B testing and data-driven decision-making to measure the impact of various optimizations and iterate on improvements.


Including these interests on the candidate's resume can provide additional insights into their personality, work approach, and alignment with the field they're pursuing.

Here's why these interests are beneficial to include:

Process Automation: This interest demonstrates the candidate's proactive attitude towards optimizing workflows and efficiency. In a non-voice process operations role, the ability and enthusiasm to automate repetitive tasks can lead to streamlined processes and increased productivity.

Reading on AI/ML: This interest reflects a forward-looking mindset, showing that the candidate is staying updated with technological advancements. As AI and ML are increasingly relevant in various industries, including non-voice operations, this interest indicates a potential for adapting to evolving trends and finding innovative solutions.

Listening to Podcasts on Career and Development: This interest reveals a commitment to personal and professional growth. Non-voice process operations roles often involve continuous learning and skill development. The candidate's interest in podcasts on career and development indicates a proactive approach to self-improvement, which can translate into a motivated and adaptable employee.

Overall, these interests contribute to a well-rounded and proactive profile. They showcase a candidate who is not only equipped with the necessary skills but also displays a genuine enthusiasm for process enhancement, technological evolution, and personal growth – qualities that can make a positive impression on potential employers.


Project 2: Student Project: User Registration Form using JavaScript

Developed a dynamic user registration form using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, aimed at enhancing user experience and data collection for an online platform.

Key Achievements:

Implemented front-end functionality for user registration form, including input validation and real-time error feedback.

Utilized JavaScript to enhance interactivity, enabling users to dynamically add or remove fields based on their input.

Collaborated with a team of two, dividing tasks and ensuring seamless integration of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components.


1. Reduced user registration time by 20%, improving onboarding efficiency.
2. Achieved a 15% increase in form completion rates due to real-time error validation.
3. Enhanced user satisfaction, leading to a 25% decrease in form abandonment rate.

This project demonstrated strong problem-solving skills and practical application of JavaScript for creating user-friendly web forms. The quantified results underscore the project's impact on efficiency and user engagement, showcasing the ability to deliver tangible outcomes through technical proficiency and teamwork.

Additional Inputs

Here are some possible interview questions and answers that you can expect to receive during your job hunt for non voice processes. These questions are relevant given the projects, hobbies and interests this student has on the resume.

1. Tell me about yourself.

Sample Answer: "I hold a BCA degree and I'm enthusiastic about non-voice processes. My academic journey has equipped me with strong technical skills, and my interests in process automation and AI/ML have driven me to explore innovative solutions. I recently worked on a project where I developed a user registration form using JavaScript, aiming to enhance user experience and data collection. This experience has reinforced my passion for improving operational efficiency."

2. How do your skills and interests align with the non-voice process operations role?

Sample Answer: "My proficiency in process analysis, documentation, and automation aligns well with the non-voice process operations role. I have a keen interest in optimizing workflows, and my project on user registration form development showcased my ability to enhance user experience and streamline processes using JavaScript."

3. Can you describe a challenging situation you encountered during your project and how you overcame it?

Sample Answer: "While working on the user registration form project, we faced a challenge with dynamically adding fields based on user input. It required a deep understanding of JavaScript's DOM manipulation. Through collaboration and research, my team and I successfully implemented the feature, enhancing the form's interactivity and user-friendliness."

4. How do you prioritize tasks when managing a project?

Sample Answer: "Prioritization is key in project management. I usually start by breaking down the project into smaller tasks and identifying critical milestones. I focus on tasks that have the highest impact on project goals and address potential roadblocks first. My project management skills were evident when I collaborated with my team to efficiently develop the user registration form."

5. How do you handle challenges in a team setting?

Sample Answer: "Open communication and collaboration are my go-to strategies for tackling challenges in a team. When we encountered difficulties during my project, my team and I discussed various approaches, shared insights, and supported each other to find effective solutions. This experience highlighted the importance of teamwork and adaptability."

6. Can you provide an example of how you've used data analysis to improve a process?

Sample Answer: "In a previous role, I analyzed customer feedback data to identify trends and pain points in the user experience. This analysis led to targeted improvements in our onboarding process, resulting in a 15% reduction in user dropout rates and higher overall satisfaction."

[You can modify this answer to describe a sample project you worked on if you have no work or internship experience]

7. How do you stay updated with the latest advancements in AI/ML and automation?

Sample Answer: "I'm passionate about staying informed in these areas. I regularly read articles, attend webinars, and follow thought leaders in AI/ML and automation. I find that this knowledge enhances my ability to explore innovative solutions and contribute effectively to process optimization."

Remember, these are sample answers, and the candidate should personalize them based on her actual experiences and achievements. Preparing thoughtful and specific responses will showcase her qualifications and enthusiasm for the non-voice process operations role.

Why this template works

This is a modern template that is sure to effortlessly highlight the candidate's skills and a single student project. There is ample space on the right side of the resume to include one more project, certifications or any other section.

Remember, a template can only do so much in helping you create the first impression, but it is the content that is going to get you the interview call. Good luck with your job search.