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This modern, eye-catching and elegant template with modern fonts embedded (you dont need to download any fonts) is also an ATS friendly resume template that has no tables, shapes, text boxes or images. Where recruiters specifically ask you to upload your resume in Word document, you should make sure that your resume does not have any shapes or objects like tables etc as they interfere with the ATS software, preventing vital information from being extracted accurately. This template can be easily made to work for experienced professionals as well since you can easily add the second page.

BBA Entry level positions resume format
BBA Entry level positions resume format
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A simple and elegant resume template for fresh graduates on any bachelor degree with internship and / or project experience. This template is ready to be used as is for BBA graduates as the template shows elegantly sample project, internship and skills relevant to entry level positions. This template can also work equally well for BCom, BCA and BSc degrees.

Attention to detail, problem solving and analytical thinking are the top 3 skills critical to winning a data entry jobs. Although there are plenty of data entry jobs, the number of people applying to data entry jobs makes it very difficult to stand out in the applicant pool. Use this resume to show that you are simple, effective and focused while standing out from the crowd.

Simplicity, specificity and focus are very important traits of a fresher resume. Use this simple resume template if you are BCA, BCom, BBA or a BE graduate looking for your first job. The skills you show on your resume need not be all technical. It is best to show a combination of technical and soft skills, but just make sure you are showing those skills that are on the job description as primary skills.

Data Entry jobs are some of the best entry level jobs available to kick start your career. The Data Entry jobs offer a great learning opportunity for fresh graduates from different backgrounds. The data entry jobs these days have a lot of automation in place to catch errors made during data entry, making it a fantastic entry level job for nearly anyone with limited training or advanced technical skills that jobs like web development etc would require. This is a simple template for data entry and call center jobs.

This template is a slight variant of the other green style we have but this one does not have the bold icons. So, go for this template if you dont like the bold icons on the other green variant. If you think the green is too bold for you, stick to standard colors like dark blue or even remove the background color completely. As a BCA Fresh graduate resume what will make your resume stand out is the technical skills you list anyways. Tell us what you think!